Paris, mon chéri!


May weekend in Paris is one of the greatest pleasures of life! Throw in a bit of shopping, and it’s the ultimate happiness.

My 4th time in Paris was amazing as ever, and I never have enough. I stayed at a hotel on a street off Champs Elysees, which resembled old Parisian house, complete with a freaky old school lift.

The plan was simple and clean: breakfast, shopping and Montmartre. However, as it happens, nothing is ever as simple as you plan, especially when you leave your wallet behind in a taxi…




These are my cutest heels, they come from a different trip to Paris last year, and are made by Dior.


By shopping I mean Galerie LaFayettes



Girls gotta drink


And my new baby


Macaroons in Montmartre. Then favourite hidden café, then legendary Le Petit Train with funniest music, and a bunch of 6 year olds, and a metro ride back to Champs Elysees. I must admit- Paris metro is gross, and never taking it again.


Looking slightly worse for wear the next morning. Has got something to do with all the alcoholic beverages, the dodgy fish and THE BABY (don’t ask)


Back at Paris Nord, and 9am to catch a train back to London.

Au Revoir, till next time, Fleur


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